sankaku Volume 02: Ramen, Paperback


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About the product

After a year and a half of hard work (and many, many bowls of noodles), we are proud to present Volume 02: Ramen. We explore the familiar carb-broth combo in its larger cultural context, while zeroing in on the specific experiences of ramen consumption — in other words, how people relate to ramen.

Produced in collaboration with a group of talented writers, recipe developers, and illustrators, the stories in this book run the gamut from the challenges of halal ramen and the rise of a tiny family-run noodle-making business, to meditations on searching for home in a bowl of ramen and the experience of eating ramen in space. 

With original cover art of hand-drawn noodles foil-stamped in gold, by Editor-at-Large Stanley Sun. 

Featuring: Ramen Young, Ayam Ya Karasuma, Food Diversity, Asakusa Kaikarou, 5AM Ramen, Naoko Yamazaki, Maruhiro, YABAI YABAI

Perfect bound softcover, 146 pages
Cover with original ramen illustration stamped with gold foil
A5 (148 x 210 mm)
Printed in Japan on 115 gsm matte coated paper
Bound in Tokyo by Shinohara Shiko
Published by sankaku

Why we like it

The book is a window to how we can highlight traditional craft and strengthen the Japanese artisan community. We love the intention, thought and care the sankaku team put into each detail, from story to production.

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About the artist

sankaku is an independent publication telling the stories of people, places and products in Japan that are reimagining long-standing ways of making and living. With an international team base in Japan and Canada, it explores craft, design, food, and community, their stories dig deep into the fresh perspectives and uncommon narratives that can arise from the convergence of traditional knowledge and contemporary collaborations.

Published by sankaku

Read our Q&A with sankaku

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