Chey in her element painting wine glasses

Questions for Chey

briefly describe yourself. who are you, cheyanne? 

I’m a marketing copywriter who likes scary books, cheesy rom coms, and fast food. I spend my time jumping between 1 million different crafts, pressing flowers, and worrying about whether my dog Roti actually likes me.


how much do you love wine? be honest

Ah wine, the nectar of the gods. And the nectar of girlies like me who thrive on bubbly alcoholic fruit juice :)

I love wine so much that after one glass I turn into my nonna. I start wildly gesturing with my hands, ranting about capocollo (and other various cold cuts), oh also the volume of my voice increases by 10x at least. VIVA ITALIA BABY!!

what inspired you to start painting wine glasses? 

I wish I had a cool story about how I got into painting wine glasses, but the truth is…I was in Value Village and picked up a box of 24 glasses because I broke all the ones in my home (oops). After unboxing them, my immediate thought was  this is SO MANY wine glasses. So, to get rid of them, my original plan was to paint the glasses and give them out as gifts…but once I’d finished, I wanted to share my glass art with the world! 


how do you get in the mood to paint? do you… drink wine

Oh boy, DO I EVER. Here’s incomplete list of other ways I *get in the mood*

  • Watch trashy reality television *cough cough* Selling Sunset 
  • Listen to cheesy podcasts about love (and only cry sometimes)
  • That’s it. Sorry, there’s only two. 
Chey balancing her empty wine glass on the sole of her feetSnake charmer wine glasses on a white background

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